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    what colour is the soul?


    what colour is the soul?
    what colour is…
    By Ellyn Peirson
    Photo book

    I’ve created a photobook on the colour of the soul. If you’d like to visit it – it’s rather lonely in its new spot on the web – just tap the image above (on the red print) … enjoy your meeting!

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    in a few words

    ah, the passing of childish things… how well I remember learning to cursive write with pen and ink in Grade two…

    At least in our city, and probably the whole of Ontario, cursive writing has been abandoned by the Boards of Education.  How very short-sighted and suppressive of those who purport to promote the best for children in their educational experience.

    As the child grows and learns in many subject areas, so the personality and individuality gradually become evident through the completely unique handwriting of each student.

    Print script is the digitalization of the personality.

    Print script is the suppression of creativity.

    Here’s a fascinating outline handwriting’s history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cursive

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    d. h. lawrence’s creed

    This is what I believe: That I am I. That my soul is a dark forest. That my known self will never be more than a little clearing in the forest. That gods, strange gods, come forth from the forest into the clearing of my known self, and then go back. That I must have the courage to let them come and go. That I will never let mankind put anything over me, but that I will try always to recognize and submit to the gods in me and the gods in other men and women. There is my creed.

    ~ D. H. Lawrence

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    It is my distinct pleasure to introduce guest artists to you. I have vetted this writing, music or visual art (or combinations) and have found the published submissions of superior quality. It is my hope that you will find this section good for your soul, too.

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    David Cross

    David is a musician, photographer, writer and observer of life. Often alluding to what we call “the solitary journey,” David’s photography and commentaries together create powerful, personally spiritual messages and linger in the viewer’s mind and soul. David makes his home in San Francisco.

    If you’re drawn to wide open spaces in an emotional/spiritual sense, then there’s nothing quite like bearing witness to a new day in Death Valley.  I sometimes seek the quiet aloneness that comes from a stark view in a desolate landscape. It’s easy to feel insignificant in the face of it, yet it’s also easy to become absorbed into a much larger, infinite state of mind…

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    This is the fourth in a short series of abstract images based on a Science and Engineering theme. The title: Space Junk, in particular orbital debris, is any man-made object in orbit about the Earth which no longer serves a useful function. Such debris includes nonfunctional spacecraft, abandoned launch vehicle stages, mission-related debris and fragmentation debris. There are more than 20,000 pieces of debris larger than a softball orbiting the Earth. They travel at speeds up to 17,500 mph, fast enough for a relatively small piece of orbital debris to damage a satellite or a spacecraft. There are 500,000 pieces of debris the size of a marble or larger. There are many millions of pieces of debris that are so small they can’t be tracked. (Information from the NASA website.)

    Lemon~Art’s BIO

    I have enjoyed creating art since childhood but it has only been in more recent years that I have used textures and multiple images to express different or enhanced emotions and feelings in my photographs. As a mathematician/scientist I enjoy using technical elements in my art but also have a fascination with nature. All my artwork originates as a photograph and I then use textures and other digital manipulation techniques and software to enhance the mood and feeling of the image.

    I hope you enjoy the artwork here and if you would like to see more of my images please look at my Flickr pages at www.flickr.com/photos/lemonart/ or my website at lemonart-photography.pixels.com/